Why is on-chain communication important?

You can not achieve "true" decentralized communication that is 100% non-custodial, permissionless, and immutable by using any centralized database. In the case of Immu3, one message is represented as one L1/L2 transaction, while data files and bigger objects are stored on decentralized storage.

Who can use Immu3?

Immu3 is an infrastructural and protocol stack, a platform for developers to create and innovate on-chain communication-based email, messaging, and data management dApps. On the other hand, the front-end end-user clients were also built in parallel to showcase the unique Web3 on-chain communication UI/UX features and offer a blueprint of things to come.

What is the cost of using Immu3?

Parallel to the underlying L1 or L2 transaction GAS cost, the PROTOCOL-FEE is also settled on the smart contract level and is applicable for every communication transaction. Total user cost equals the sum of the L1 or L2 transaction GAS, the PROTOCOL-FEE cost, and the cost of decentralized storage (i.e. PollinationX). Fees are handled by the [AppFeeManager]smart contract.

Why do I need to install the Encryptor Extension into my browser?

Encryptor Extension adds the communication end-to-end encryption layer (i.e. within Email, Chat) currently not supported in major wallets. We hope that wallets will allow the shared secret key computation in the near future so additional extension will not be needed.

The Team behind Immu3?

Immu3 represents an open-source collection of protocols created by a community of researchers and developers. The repositories are maintained by the Immu3 core team with contributions made by approximately 8 developers.

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