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Immu3; on a mission is to enable permissionless and immutable on-chain communication while bringing data ownership and control back to the people.

Welcome! This documentation later referred to as Docs will help you develop "true" Web3 communication dApps (i.e. decentralized applications) and help you learn how to use them. Here you will find concepts, how-to guides, quickstarts, tutorials, API & SDK references, code examples, release notes, and more.

Context: There is no denying that current email, messaging, and data transfer models are broken. We lose ownership of data the moment we attach it to an email or drop it in any cloud service, as we expose our communication content and metadata the moment we use any ”free” email, chat, or data transfer services available today. It goes without saying; if you are not paying for the product, you are the product. This “new normal” where users' data is mined and overall exploited is just not viable. The time for an alternative is long overdue.

What is Immu3?

Immu3 is the ultimate Web3-Infra stack for building and utilizing on-chain communication applications. Infrastructure that integrates all needed builders tools and end-user apps into an easy-to-use stack, while utilizing permissionless agnostic protocols that can support 1000s of on-chain communication dApps to evolve on Web3.

To achieve full immutability and self-custodianship every email, message, or data file transfer is represented as an L1/L2 TX (i.e. transaction). Users' communication and data are accessible only with his or her private keys.

Core primitives;

💡 1 email/message/data-transfer = 1 L1/L2 TX 💡 not your keys = not your email/message/data

Immu3 dApps are built based on decentralized principles;

(1) 100% self-custodial; (2) communication data is accessible only to the private key owner; (3) end-to-end (i.e. E2E) communication encryption is enabled by self-custodial Encryptor Extension; (4) encrypted attachments and big data files are stored on decentralized storage via PX service; (5) no personal data whatsoever is collected by the OCC (i.e. on-chain communication) Protocol; (6) open-source & open-source with commercial restrictions; (7) code is law principle applies!

Warning: None of the protocols from the native Immu3 ecosystem would ever ask for your seed passphrase!

Associated Fees

Web3 mainly works on the PAYGO (i.e. pay-as-you-go) TX model, meaning the user has to pay for every TX, ergo pay for every email, message, or data transfer. To make on-chain communication more viable, development is being done that will in parallel to PAYGO also enable subscription-based models, so the users will be able to pay monthly SUBSCRIPTION-FEE to access block space and communicate without the hurdle of paying for every TX. For a deeper look jump to the Fees chapter.

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