Ecosystem Overview

To make scalable on-chain communication possible, an infrastructure ecosystem of frameworks, protocols, clients, and dApps emerged;

Here are some clarifications of various areas within the "Immu3" ecosystem:

  • Block Labs [4thTech]: The company which developed the genesis OCC Protocol, along with the OCC SDK and dMail/dChat white-label framework.

  • CR Systems [Immu3]: Acts as the first Level-1 integrator of Block Labs [4thTech] on-chain communication technology, focusing on the adoption and commercialization while offering Level-2 permissionless licences to on-chain communication dApp developers.

  • OCC Protocol v.1: A suite of EVM smart contracts developed by Block Labs [4thTech], that together create an on-chain communication framework and facilitate data ownership retention within peer-to-peer emailing, messaging, data file transfers, or any other form of on-chain communication.

  • Immu3 L1: A public EVM smart contract platform that offers reliability, scalability and security needed within use cases of on-chain communication.

  • Encryptor Extension: Google Chrome extension that adds the communication encryption layer currently not supported in major wallets.

  • Immu3 dApps [Mail, Chat & W3XShare]: Web3 front-end interfaces that allow easy interaction with OCC Protocol v1. The interfaces are only one of many ways one may interact with OCC Protocol v.1.

  • w3CaaS: Web3 communication-as-a-service premium software plans that enable access to a bundle of developer tools and services.

  • PollinationX: Suite of back-end services that enable developers to connect to custom decentralized storage nodes via dedicated service API & SDK, while utilizing the read-and-write methods of supported decentralized storage out-of-the-box.

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