Intro to w3CaaS

Web3 communication as-a-service Premium Software Pack Licence Sobscription Plans & dApp dashboard

The highly technical world of blockchain technology can indeed be daunting even from a developer's point of view. Despite rich Immu3 developer documentation, the onboarding and integration of this diversified protocol stack can be complex and time-intensive.

The w3CaaS (i.e. web3 communication as-a-service) developer plans are Immu3's way of simplifying the adoption and integration of this new Web3 communication technology. w3CaaS - Software Pack Licence subscription offers access to a premium bundle of out-of-the-box developer tools and services such as;

(1) Pro-access to Immu3 developer dashboard; (2) Level-2 integrator licencing; (3) one-click deploy white-labels; (4) access to integrator PROTOCOL DAPP OWNER-FEE layer; (5) Pro discount on OCC Protocol BASE-FEEs; (6) tailored on-chain communication Protocol deployments; (7) reseller access to PollinationX decentralized storage custom packages and more.

On a protocol level, the w3CaaS enables integrators to access the methods that allow them to withdraw and update DAPP OWNER-FEEs while empowering the end users to set the desired BASE-FEE DISCOUNT tiers. Access to w3CaaS will be available via the dedicated dashboard and gated according to sufficient project token wallet balance.

Tip: w3CaaS is currently available to whitelisted projects. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about the early integrator program.

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