Intro to Decentralized Messaging

Web3 characteristics; 100% self-custodial, encrypted, immutable, permissionless and on-chain.

We could refer to the Immu3 messaging service as a decentralized chat or short dChat. Due to its unique on-chain “1 message = 1 L1/L2 transaction” model the Immu3 Chat decentralization coefficient is directly correlated to the decentralization of the underlying public blockchain network.

Based on the OCC Protocol v.1 [Chat] smart contract, SDKs, and white-label framework, the Immu3 Chat UI showcases the UI/UX for future on-chain communication. As the first white-label iteration, the immu3 Beta dApp reveals the Chat UI/UX and acts as a sandbox for this new on-chain communication technology.

Explainer: Composed from; (1) the message content, and; (2) possible data files (i.e. media files, photos…), the individual message can be from a few kilobytes to gigabytes in size. While encrypted message content gets recorded on the blockchain, the attachments are transmitted via the PX decentralized storage service.

Note: The average message transaction confirmation depends on the transaction finality of the chosen L1 or L2, the same goes for message transaction cost.

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