PX Decentralized Storage

While the OCC SDK integrators can utilize custom storage options, the PollinationX decentralized storage service is set as a default.

Let's Start

Because there was no available out-of-the-box solution, PollinationX (i.e. PX) was developed by a separate team within the CR Systems. PX also acts as a stand-alone solution, otherwise powering various integrator email, messaging and data file transfer use cases.


(1) self-custodial storage; (2) communication data accessible only to the private key owner; (3) integrator APIs and SDK tooling; (4) IPFS, BTFS, and FileCoin (phases 1 & 2) support; (5) multi-chain availability; (6) based on EVM, TypeScript, Solidity frameworks, and; (7) monetization via data package dynamic PX NFTs.


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