OCC White-labels

A suite of ready-to-use white-label email, messaging and data file transfer UIs designed to fast-track your entry into the rapidly growing Web3 market.

Deploy White-labels

White-label frameworks enable fast and easy builds. To begin, we recommend looking at wiki Guides and GitHub repos which include runnable examples and walkthroughs of core usages. These guides will help you better understand how to use the white-label framework. As a part of the immu3's infrastructure integrator stack, there are several white-label dApp frameworks available;

Tip: The integrator dashboard will enable one-click white-label deploys. It will unlock the skill and know-how required to abstract the complexities and simplify the deployment of on-chain communication apps.

Technical Features

(1) wallet Integration: Supports MetaMask, Coinbase, and Wallet Connect; (2) one-click network switching: EVM multi-chain UI support; (3) infinity scroll: faster loading of emails, messages and conversations by progressively loading data on demand (i.e. available within Email and Messaging frameworks); (4) self-custodial W2W Encryption: user-owned private key encryption for emails, DMs, and group messaging; (5) decentralized storage: built-in PollinationX storage NFT support, and; (6) integrator monetization: dApp owner-fee smart contract feature.

UI/UX Features

(1) on-chain Inbox: smart contract-based email and messaging inbox; (2) on-chain group messaging: smart contract-based group messaging; (3) data file sharing: decentralized storage-based on-chain file sharing; (4) guilt-in Encryptor Extension: integrated conversation encryption support; (5) PollinationX Storage NFTs: built-in support for decentralized storage; (6) sender whitelisting: smart contract-based email and message whitelisting; (7) correspondence fees: option to charge for correspondence via smart contract, and;. (8) service fee discounts: option to enable discounts on service fees via smart contract.


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