Empowers integrators to seamlessly interact with protocol smart contracts, storage providers, encryption methods, and the Encryptor Extension.


As a part of the immu3's infrastructure integrator stack, the OCC SDK provides abstractions to assist you with interacting with the OCC Protocol v.1 smart contracts in a Typescript/Javascript environment. The OCC SDK also simplifies the encryption process and remote storage access.


(1) modular Packages: Typescript/Javascript stack including Encryption, Encryptor, Ethereum, Storage, Types, and Utils; (2) EVM Multi-chain Support: Ready-to-use compatibility with multiple Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains; (3) method Usability Tests: Comprehensive tests to ensure functionality and usability, and; (4) integrator Monetization: App owner-fee smart contract feature.


(1) encryption: Allows for easy data encryption and decryption using various encryption methods; (2) Encryptor: Manages connection with the Encryptor Extension; (3) Ethereum: Handles Ethereum blockchain transactions, smart contracts, and other blockchain-related functions; (4) Storage: Optimise storing and retrieving procedures, enhancing data management; (5) Types: Contains the type declarations used across all the other packages, and; (6) Utils: Provides utility functions and helpers that facilitate and enhance the functionality of the SDK.

Start Building

To begin, we recommend looking at wiki Guides and GitHub Repos which include runnable examples and walkthroughs of core usages. These guides will help you better understand how to use the OCC SDK and integrate it into your application.

Tip: Experience seamless integration. Utilize method functions tests (test example).


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